The Benedict House Tapestry

The Benedict House Tapestry

At Benedict House Preparatory School we believe in the individual.

We believe in understanding and acknowledging their learning mindset and their approach to learning. We believe in adapting the curriculum to the needs of the individual and not the other way round.

At Benedict House Preparatory School we take the UK National Curriculum and weave our own, unique threads to create a truly bespoke, Individualised learning framework that is tailored to our school’s specific needs, culture and the aspirations of our children.

We call our bespoke learning framework The Benedict House Tapestry.

Our school’s community and learning is rooted and shaped by our bespoke tapestry of six strands:


Developing a life-long learning mindset is central to The Benedict House Tapestry. We ensure our students are open-minded, inquisitive, and able to make the most of their choices and talents.


Our students will be able to access and engage with the digital world at their fingertips. They will learn how to consume, understand, and produce digital work to compete in and contribute to a digital world.


With the support of Happy Space, a mental health and wellbeing charity, our learning approach equips our students with the toolkit to develop their minds, their passions, and their resilience.


Every one of our students will feel at one with the world in which they live and develop a deep understanding and empathy for all cultures and societies.


The Benedict House Tapestry integrates future-focused learning and transferable skills in entrepreneurship and innovation in collaboration with 8Billionideas.


We help our students to develop a deep understanding of issues that face mankind today and to be responsible stewards of our planet