Upper School

Sparking imaginations in Prep School

Well-structured and stimulating lessons lead to rapid progress in the Prep School stage. Specialist teachers stretch children’s skills in music, French, Spanish and physical education, including swimming. Within the core subjects, teachers plan and deliver dynamic and engaging lessons designed to extend the children’s ability, spark their imaginations and encourage a love of learning to last a lifetime.

Years Five and Six also benefit from opportunities to attend residential visits, both in the UK and abroad. These trips are designed to develop the children’s team-building and leadership skills, encourage them to take part in a range of adventurous activities and begin to develop some independence in their trips away from home.

At the end of the day, there are a variety of clubs to develop their interests. Homework is set to finish the day, complementing work carried out in lessons.

The Junior School section will ensure your child is well prepared for secondary education

If you are looking for your children to gain entry into selective Grammar Schools then Benedict House is the perfect choice for you. From our Nursery through to the Junior School section, we will make sure your child is well equipped for the future and has developed an inquisitive nature so that they are keen to learn.

When the time comes, your child will be well prepared for the challenge of secondary school and our success rate is the envy of local junior schools, with a consistent high percentage of pupils gaining entry into selective Grammar Schools. In 2021/22 we achieved a sensational 100% pass rate in the Kent 11+ entrance examination.  To see our Leavers destinations of grammar and independent schools, click here.

Settling in and Transitions

At each point of transition in the Upper School, we work hard to ensure that our children feel well supported and familiar with the changes they are about to embark upon. We hold regular ‘Move Up Days’ at the end of the summer term, so that children have the opportunity to meet their new teachers and spend time in their new classroom settings before breaking up for summer.

We support our Year 6 pupils with their transition to secondary school by facilitating meetings with their new schools and accommodating them on attending their own taster days. We work closely with our parents to ensure that the next school they select is the best fit for their child, and support them throughout the application process.

Daily Routine

The day in Upper School begins with registration at 08:45, followed by English and Mathematics. Morning break time follows, with a range of foundation subjects, written and practical activities taking place throughout the rest of the day. 

Lunch time break is from 12:30 for an hour for our Upper School children, and they then work until dismissal at 15:30.

A curriculum designed to have your child ready for the next step

We aim to have your child prepared for the demands of the next stage of their education through a carefully formulated curriculum. We consistently have excellent results when it comes to entrance exams for Grammar and Senior Independent Schools, which are published annually. 

This is done through creating an informal, friendly but firm atmosphere in a carefully structured framework where the relationship between teacher and your child is at the centre of the learning experience.

We understand that the presence of a stable and caring environment is vital to the growth of the children’s self-confidence and self-awareness. 

There is a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science utilising traditional teaching methods, yet the School is progressive in the introduction of computer technology and the learning of modern European languages, French, and Spanish from an early age. The pupils progress through the year system with an increasing level of school work as their skills, ability and knowledge improves.

School trips to places of interest

Regular school trips are arranged to places of cultural, historical, geographical and scientific interest. Your child will also go to museums, art galleries and theatres both locally and in London. Year Five and Six pupils have an opportunity to embark upon residential school trips in England and overseas.

Modern foreign languages are taught throughout the school and there is a specialist music teacher so your child will have the chance to learn instruments such as the drums, piano, guitar and violin. The school choir have performed at the O2 Arena and the children have many opportunities to perform through the year from class assemblies to school productions. This helps them develop confidence, self-esteem and empathy skills, as well as musical talents!

The pastoral care is fostered by a sense of community

Pastoral care is high of a high calibre throughout our school. Your child will be cared for and feel part of the school community which everyone helps to foster and develop. There is a real feeling of a family atmosphere at Benedict House and we all look out for each other.

By deploying a house merit system, appointing monitors, election of Head Boys and Girls, we encourage each child to make a positive contribution to school life while demanding the highest standards of behaviour, courtesy and self-discipline.

The school operates an open-door policy, where you are welcome to discuss your child’s progress with class teachers or the headteacher at any time. Formal introductory Class Meetings are held at the start of each year; with scheduled Parents’ Evenings held during the year, as well as written end of year reports.

Happy, resilient and confident children make the best learners.  We strive for each situation to be a life-long learning experience for our children.  Fundamental British Values is embedded into most aspects of our school.  This encourages a sense of belonging, respect and citizenship for all who are involved in what we do here at Benedict House Preparatory School.