Lower School

Commitment to an outstanding pre prep education

A welcoming start to the day begins with all children being greeted by their teacher on the playground. Each day is filled with a sense of excitement as the children organise themselves for a full day of lessons ahead.

We have a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to ensuring that children reach their full potential on a day-to-day basis. Our extensive range of lessons vary but all are taught with an aim of engaging the children’s natural curiosity. A selection of lessons such as P.E., music and languages are taught by specialist teachers.

At the end of the day there are a range of clubs for the children to enjoy, tailored to their interests. Our daily and weekly set homework, which includes reading, mathematics and English, also complement the lessons taught in class. The children enjoy learning in an environment where they can aspire to achieve.

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An exceptional Lower School section

With small class sizes in our Lower School section, your child will receive the care and attention they deserve and need. You can rest assured that the transition from Early Years to Lower School is a smooth one and that all children continue enjoying their development at Benedict House.

There is a good balance of academic work, sport, cultural and extra-curricular activities to keep your child engaged with school life. The small class sizes continue through the year groups so that all staff know the children well and how to get the best out of them. Our aim is to help pupils learn in the best possible way, setting work appropriate to their age group.

Academic success starts with a family atmosphere

The relationship between the teacher and your child is at the centre of their learning experience. A caring and family climate in which children can feel relaxed and at home is pivotal in our success. Staff get to know every child in the school, not just in their form, as we stick to small classes.

Academic success at the school relies on the teachers promoting the joy of learning and developing your child’s personal potential, skills and self-worth. Our teachers monitor each child’s progress carefully, meaning any learning barrier is addessed. Corrective help and support is provided by specialist teachers who will work with pupils on a one-to-one basis.

Get involved and enjoy school sports at Benedict House

Children are encouraged to get involved in as much school sport and outdoor learning as possible. It’s all about enjoyment and participation when it comes to school sports. Sport is an integral part of school life and specialist coaches are used to help children develop the skills necessary for sporting success.

We believe it is important that emphasis is placed, not merely on the training of the natural athlete, but that every effort is made to help the less skilful enjoy taking a full part in sporting activities. Boys and girls take part in all sports in equal measure. The children are also encouraged to lead healthy, active lives on and off the sporting field, for example all snacks and lunches are healthy foods. Across the school, P.E. includes dance, gym, games, and swimming.