Science is a core subject within the curriculum and is taught throughout the school, harnessing the children’s own natural interest in the world around them.

At Benedict House we adapt a ‘hands on’ teaching style, and encourage our children from an early age to make links between ideas and explain results using simple models and theories.

The children thrive on the practical approach and become adept at planning and carrying out their own investigations by the time they reach the latter stage of the Upper School.

Our engaging and interactive lessons ensure that children are assisted in developing key scientific skills across a varied curriculum: creating parachutes to launch within our buildings, watching eggs hatch in a classroom incubator, hunting for invertebrates, ‘exploding’ volcanoes by mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda and creating electrical circuits are all experiences which our children will have during their time at Benedict House.

We scaffold learning up through the school so that the children consolidate previous learning and add depth of understanding as they progress through each year group. We also emphasise the importance and relevance of science by exploring the discoveries, impacts and real-world applications of famous scientists and inventors, and celebrate science during our whole-school science themed week.