The Curriculum

A curriculum designed to have your child ready for the next step

We aim to have your child prepared for the demands of the next stage of their education through a carefully formulated curriculum. We consistently have excellent results when it comes to entrance exams for Grammar and Senior Independent Schools, which are published annually. 

This is done through creating an informal, friendly but firm atmosphere in a carefully structured framework where the relationship between teacher and your child is at the centre of the learning experience.

We understand that the presence of a stable and caring environment is vital to the growth of the children’s self-confidence and self-awareness. 

There is a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science utilising traditional teaching methods, yet the School is progressive in the introduction of computer technology and the learning of modern European languages, French, and Spanish from an early age. The pupils progress through the year system with an increasing level of school work as their skills, ability and knowledge improves.