Our School’s philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that every child is an individual and with encouragement, hard work and praise can develop their potential to the full and achieve high standards.

It is the responsibility of the school to provide a secure and nurturing environment where pupils enjoy learning and grow into confident and happy individuals ready to face the diversity of future challenges and capable of making informed choices and decisions.

Small class sizes for outstanding private education

Class sizes are small Benedict House, with usually only a maximum of 20 pupils in a class. This means that your child will receive a personal private education that will be tailored to their needs. Our skilled and dedicated teachers are able to identify and work with our families to solve those issues that go frequently unnoticed in larger state and independent schools.

An independent school noted for excellence in teaching

If you would like your child to receive the best possible start to their school life then a private education at Benedict House is a great choice. We are an independent school that has always been noted for the excellence of our teaching and consequent high standard of academic achievement by the pupils.

Everything that happens at Benedict House has the pupils and their individual needs at heart. We create an environment in which children are happy, motivated to achieve and enthusiastic about their learning.

The school is located in a quiet, residential, tree-lined road and has been teaching boys and girls aged from two and half to 11 for many years.

Curriculum Aims and objectives

The aims of our school curriculum are:

  • To enable all children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability
  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that children enjoy coming to. school, and acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning
  • To teach children the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and information communication technology (ICT)
  • To ensure that all pupils are taught speaking, listening and numeracy skills
  • To enable children to be creative and to develop their own thinking
  • To teach children about their developing world, including how their environment and society changes over time
  • To help children understand Britain’s cultural heritage and the vast diversity we find in a modern and culturally diverse community.
  • To enable children to be positive citizens in society who will be able to contribute to society
  • To teach children to have an awareness of their own spiritual development, and to understand right from wrong
  • To help children understand the importance of truth and fairness, so that they grow up committed to equal opportunities for all
  • To enable children to have respect for themselves and high self-esteem, and to be able to live and work co-operatively with others.
  • To enable children to develop a love of lifelong learning.
  • To ensure that all pupils have equal and fair access to the curriculum with regards to the protected characteristics
"We are absolutely certain and well aware that Riverston would go a thousand of extra miles for our son, as you and your colleagues have always done with so much perseverance and dedication : Dario would have not been able to get any GCSE without you, and this is a fact for which we will be always deeply grateful,."
Year 12 parent