Through the teaching of History at Benedict House, we want to develop pupils’ curiosity about the past, where they live and the wider world. From studying their local area in Year One, studying the Vikings in Year Four to developing children’s understanding of World War Two in Year Six, we want children to develop their chronological skills and enquiry skills within the different topics taught.

Through the use of school trips and school visits, children are able to access the history curriculum in a variety of ways such as kinaesthetically, pictorially and with written work. We want children to ask questions about what they learn and to analyse and compare this to the present day.

Fundamental British Values underpin the children’s understanding of history such as through looking at democracy in Year Five’s study of Ancient Greece. We also have key moments in the year which focus on history such as adapting our school menu and lessons to commemorate Black History Month to whole school cross-curricular activities for Remembrance Day to enrich the children’s understanding of the past.

At Benedict House Preparatory School, our parents play a pivotal role in enabling children to understand different cultures linked to history and we encourage parents to visit and share their knowledge of the world so that we can learn and develop our cultural understanding and better our children’s knowledge of others. History and learning about the past is the key to a better future!