At Benedict House, we have adopted the ‘Maths mastery’ teaching style to help every child become a successful mathematician. We encourage the children to understand each mathematical concept they encounter through engaging and hands-on activities, so that skills and knowledge are embedded and consolidated in ability-boosting building blocks. This approach gives all of our pupils growing competence in handling mathematical data and problems, so that when they come to tackle more abstract concepts, they have the confidence to build on this solid foundation of understanding.

Maths mastery is achieved through the use of concrete resources and visual aids; using mathematical terminology consistently throughout the school; tackling the same concepts from different angles and adapted to different learning styles, and aiming for depth of understanding over breadth of coverage. Another key factor of our teaching of maths at Benedict House is our approach in embedding maths within the wider curriculum. From measuring resources during Art and DT, to reading map coordinates in Geography, to collating and presenting data in Science, real life experiences of maths are essential in building our children’s confidence and understanding.