The Five Highlights of My Week – 8th March 2024

1. Headteacher’s Day . Year 2 and Reception invented a new day for the school calendar and surprised Mr Wardle with his very own , very smart and very welcome coffee machine as a sign of their appreciation .

2. We celebrated Baba Marta Day , a national day of Bulgaria , with the presentation of hand made gifts . Benedict House is proud of its diversity and we celebrate it at every opportunity

3. Our brand new mini bus arrived on Wednesday and we are looking forward to using it for trips and match fixtures. As the ULEZ zone has now moved out to Sidcup our new bus will make things so much easier

4. Every year in Spring we have a delivery of eggs and an incubator. The children were thrilled when the first duckling hatched out , although one Reception child was hoping it would be a dragon !!! We now have welcomed five fluffy ducklings to the Benedict House family

5. World Book Day is always an opportunity to dress up something we thoroughly enjoy doing at Benedict House . We had a bevy of Harry Potters , unicorns , dragons , you name it we had someone dressed up as it !!