Year Six PGL at Osmington Bay

Last week Year Six visited the PGL at Osmington Bay in Dorset. They were excellent ambassadors for our school and behaved impeccably. This is what they thought of their time there:

Neha: PGL was an amazing experience for the whole class. There were brilliant activities. My favourite was the trapeze and the scariest was the giant swing. The funniest moment was when we accidentally woke up at 4am! (Mrs Allen did not find that quite so funny…!).

Manat: My favourite activities were the giant swing and abseiling. I enjoyed the giant swing because it was wet and rainy and I was with Emil and we both put our arms up and screamed. We loved that! When I was abseiling it felt like I was jumping in space.

Hari: At PGL, I really enjoyed kayaking, the trapeze and quad biking. I was glad that I went to the top of the rock climbing wall. My favourite moment was eating delicious ice-cream when we went hiking.

Rowan: At PGL, my favourite activities were: quad biking, abseiling and the giant swing. I am glad I overcame my fear of the trapeze because I didn’t think I would be able to do it but I ended up at the top!

Alfie: PGL was a great residential trip probably one of my favourites! My favourite activity was the giant swing which was not that high.

Sanjana: I really loved PGL. The food was really nice. All the activities were fun (my favourite was the trapeze). I also liked kayaking because I jumped in the sea. At first I was scared of abseiling but I did it in the end and even raced Poppy to reach the bottom.